Our summer program is awesome. It is creativity based with an educational undertone. We are doing a talent show on stage this summer as our performing art project. Many children are interested in the performing and visual arts. For children who are good with computers we offer video editing and music composing for stage production. Sewing and fashion design is also apart of our program. Boys and girls design and sew their own outfit to model in our summer talent show show. All of our students create a written story with toys around the room then they video tape and edit their own movie. All of these interactive parts to our program teaches communication, literature, problem solving, math, reading, socialization and self esteem. We go on two large field trips a summer. We go swimming locally and to local parks all summer. Visual arts include canvas painting, stage backgrounds and use of all art media. CALL NOW FOR SUMMER 2019  Sliding scale fees are available for families that need it.

 937-965-4023 or 937-823-1735